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Tiffany & Co – Where the Heart leads the Head

Isaac Mostovicz writes that Tiffany's new digital campaign aims to capture consumers' hearts as well as minds ...

I have written previously about luxury brands’ adoption of digital campaigns, for example designer Marc Jacobs’ MarcFam which encourages consumers to interact with the brand online via Twitter and Instagram.


I read with interest about the latest instalment of luxury jeweller Tiffany’s digital campaign “What Makes Love True,” which has adopted a similar approach in terms of digital user interaction. However this campaign, based on the concept of the art of love and romance, invites users into a world charged with emotion, presented in a highly immersive digital environment.


The first part of the campaign incorporates brand and user created content – videos of consumers narrating tales of “true love,” an interactive map where consumers share locations where they have experienced romance, and additional filmed content. For the second part of the campaign, launching next week, consumers will be able to upload their own tangible examples of “true love” through a user-curated gallery.


I have written in the past on the importance of brands connecting to consumers’ emotions, and this is a very successful association for a brand that wants to position itself as having a major significance at “life-stage” events such as engagements and weddings – with that significance now firmly embedded through its own virtual environment.


Chris Ramey, president of Affluent Insights, Miami commented: “Selling product benefits is, today, a failed strategy. Tapping into your prospect’s deep-seated values and emotions is key.


“Tiffany understands this marketing evolution as well as anyone,” he said. “Emotive selling connects neurologically to consumers who are disinclined to buy more stuff.


“This is the new reality for selling luxury.”


The What Makes Love True microsite can be found at

True Love in Pictures by Tiffany & Co


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