Champagne industry left to rot

Isaac Mostovicz writes that champagne houses are urging drastic measures in a declining market...


Champagne, certainly a drink of choice amongst luxury connoisseurs, has seen a large decline in demand, revealing perhaps how much the luxury industry continues to suffer.

Famous champagne houses such as Taittinger, LVMH, Moet & Chandon are now pushing for an historic reduction in yield as a way of ensuring that the drink remains an expensive luxury. “Everyone agrees that production has to be cut because no one here wants to see prices fall” an industry insider was quoted saying in The Times.

These merchants are now demanding drastic reductions in grape yield, leaving the possibility of 50 per cent of Champagne grapes to be left to rot on the ground. Although this will have a huge negative impact on grape producers in the short term, such cuts may be necessary for the long term positioning of the product. Stable prices are preferred to a price collapse, as the latter could damage Champagne’s image as the ultimate festive luxury drink for a long time to come.

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