Looking After Your Luxury Watch Just Got Easier

Isaac Mostovicz writes...


As mentioned in a recent post, Bentley has come up with another limited edition invention, this time for luxury watch owners. Worried about damaging yours, Bentley have come to your aid, creating a unique safe box especially designed for your watch.

Rolex, Cartier, Patek Philippe and Piaget; the millionaires and billionaires would not been seen without one of these timepieces fastened to their wrist. They can complement your life, accessorize your wardrobe, or become a family heirloom to pass along to future generations.

High-end watches can have over 800 components, many of them handmade and hand assembled by trained watch makers. The luxury market begins at £500 pounds but many easily cost 30 times that, notes Andrew Block, senior vice president of marketing for Tourneau, one of the world’s largest high-end watch dealers.

However, these pieces of art should not be left on the bedside table or next to the sink, at risk of damage. To truly take care of your watch, Bentley has teamed up with Stockinger Safety First Class to create 400 unique, limited edition safe boxes. The Arnage is perfect for watch lovers and among its many features it contains Stockinger’s automatic watch winding system.

Dominik von Ribbentrop, owner of Stockinger, says:

Style, grace and security: A Stockinger safe will give you freedom and independence and will increase your peace of mind – in style and at all times. Stockinger’s passion is to enrich the grey world of bulky safes with a high-class product that is as secure as a bank, as precise as a master time piece, and as beautiful as a piece of the finest art.

The safe is available in the same exterior colours as Bentley cars and feature 10 interior leather colours and three wood veneers. Giving your timepiece this secure place to rest, you must put a deposit down ahead of time, as each safe requires several weeks to construct, taking 18 stages and 30 different teams. The price has yet to be announced but remember there will only be 400.

Does this seem a little extreme? We may lock cars in the garage, ourselves in at night and our money in the bank, however, a safe specially designed for your watch, to be kept at home; is taking this precaution to a whole new level.

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