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Life Lessons Offered to Luxury Hotel Guests

Isaac Mostovicz writes that luxury hotel chain Morgans is offering its guests advice for living a better life ...

For many, a luxury brand is not just a product, but connotes a whole way of living. Starting this month, guests at all Morgans Hotels will be offered lessons on everyday living from the School of Life. Exploring philosophy, psychology, literature, the visual arts and sciences through evening conversations, along with a “Minibar for the Mind” that contains conversation starter cards and a selection of “collected thoughts”, The School of Life offers guests “an intriguing and thought-provoking alternative to the usual minibar fare”.

The idea of bettering one’s life is in line with foundations of luxury marketing. The concept of Morgans’ new partnership is simple: “luxury hotels do an exceptional job of catering to the needs of the body, and now their challenge is to address the needs of the mind.”

This new School of Life service could definitely appeal to Theta personalities, for whom buying luxury means acquiring something that makes them feel like their true selves. Aligning themselves with a luxury brand that is concerned with people’s inner selves is a way of affiliating themselves with the same ideals.

The Lambda personality may also be attracted to the hotel’s offering. If the service is dignified and genuine, it can offer the Lambda person a chance to explore their own selves with the aim of differentiating themselves from others. From either perspective, receiving personal life guidance, and being given the opportunity to ponder on life’s many questions is a luxury in itself.

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