High End Concierge Services Cater to Luxury Customers

Isaac Mostovicz writes that luxury concierge services are accommodating every aspect of a customer’s needs…....

What if you could get whatever your wanted whenever you wanted it? Quintessentially is a private member’s club with a global concierge service that is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, to fulfill the needs of customers who crave that extra bit of luxury in their lives.

Quintessentially boasts a team rooted in the luxury lifestyle industry to provide any sort of service required, from tickets to top sporting events, VIP access to the most exclusive clubs and shows, or last minute table reservations at the hottest restaurants in town. They have 60 offices around the world and 40 sister businesses, covering every aspect of the luxury lifestyle market, from property, rare art, fine wine, fashion, luxury travel, adventure travel, philanthropy, film premieres, spas, theatre – the list is endless.

Instead of the usual chocolate and flowers for Valentine’s Day, Quintessentially offered members something they could cherish forever. With the help of some of the world’s top writers, customers could write something meaningful and then record that song using state of the art technology in an international recording studio, where top-notch producers and sound engineers collaborated to then record a personalized song.

Quintessentially is just one of many clubs around the world that mark a new trend in luxury, where if you can put up the money for membership, the world really is at your fingertips. High-end concierge services would be particularly appealing to Thetas who can boast membership to these sort of exclusive groups that are reserved for a minority of the world’s population. Lambdas will also enjoy these groups as they can provide access to events and experiences where they can connect with others.

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Social Networks Cater to Luxury Consumers

Isaac Mostovicz writes that an elite online community is emerging...

Social networking is no longer an egalitarian online space catering to all classes of society in the forms of Facebook and Twitter. With the growing popularity of exclusive social networking sites, luxury consumers can now network with others with whom they share similar interests, tastes, and connections.  A Small World (ASW) which calls itself “the world’s leading private online community”, targets “the world’s tastemakers”, or those that shape trends around the world, and currently has about 600,000 members. Membership to ASW is by invitation only which, in the words of ASW, “is part of what makes this network unique, and the connections authentic.” ASW hosts exclusive events around the world where its members can network, from retreats in St. Tropez to ski holidays in St. Mortiz.

Quintessentially, an international high-end concierge service, hosts another social and business networking platform called Qube, targeted towards those “concerned with the finer things in life.” Qube membership is also invitation only, and members can browse the network  “to find out what’s what and who’s who in the world of high society and international luxury.” In addition, networks like APrivateClub and Affluence.org are increasingly gaining popularity among those that wish to be a part of these exclusive and private online circles. One such network, The Native Society, even aims to attract a younger generation in tune to luxury as it caters to elite prep school alums who grew up in New York City.

Social networking sites targeted to luxury consumers would be particularly appealing to Thetas who enjoy being affiliated with an elite group and telling others they are a part of it. Lambdas can also enjoy these networks as they can provide them with new experiences and challenges as they have the chance to diversify their own lives and connect with others.

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