Social Networks Cater to Luxury Consumers

Isaac Mostovicz writes that an elite online community is emerging...

Social networking is no longer an egalitarian online space catering to all classes of society in the forms of Facebook and Twitter. With the growing popularity of exclusive social networking sites, luxury consumers can now network with others with whom they share similar interests, tastes, and connections.  A Small World (ASW) which calls itself “the world’s leading private online community”, targets “the world’s tastemakers”, or those that shape trends around the world, and currently has about 600,000 members. Membership to ASW is by invitation only which, in the words of ASW, “is part of what makes this network unique, and the connections authentic.” ASW hosts exclusive events around the world where its members can network, from retreats in St. Tropez to ski holidays in St. Mortiz.

Quintessentially, an international high-end concierge service, hosts another social and business networking platform called Qube, targeted towards those “concerned with the finer things in life.” Qube membership is also invitation only, and members can browse the network  “to find out what’s what and who’s who in the world of high society and international luxury.” In addition, networks like APrivateClub and Affluence.org are increasingly gaining popularity among those that wish to be a part of these exclusive and private online circles. One such network, The Native Society, even aims to attract a younger generation in tune to luxury as it caters to elite prep school alums who grew up in New York City.

Social networking sites targeted to luxury consumers would be particularly appealing to Thetas who enjoy being affiliated with an elite group and telling others they are a part of it. Lambdas can also enjoy these networks as they can provide them with new experiences and challenges as they have the chance to diversify their own lives and connect with others.

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