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Luxury marketing with QR codes

Isaac Mostovicz writes that QR codes can be an effective tool in luxury marketing...

QR, or Quick Response, codes – a type of code which can be read through a smartphone and redirects the user to a webpage, links to text or pre-composes an email – are becoming increasingly present in luxury marketing, both in magazines and newspapers, and on billboards and posters.

As this article on Luxury Daily notes, QR codes can be an effective tool to take a print advertisement to a multi-channel campaign. They enable consumers to engage with the brand in a new way, through real-time content and creating more of a personalised experience.

This style of marketing could work particularly well for consumers with Lambda style personalities, who are likely to judge products based on their individual responses to it. For those with Lambda traits, luxury marketing that goes the extra mile to ensure a personalised service that stands out from its competitors is likely to be effective.

However, the article reminds marketers to be wary of how these codes are used – if the website the code directs to is not properly optimised for mobile phone use, for instance, then this would be a negative experience rather than an enriching one, and potentially harmful for the brand.

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