Sustainable Packaging and the Luxury Brand

Isaac Mostovicz writes that that packaging is an area where luxury brands can be sustainable without losing their individual aesthetics ...

I  have previously written on the relationship between sustainability and luxury, such as in my posts ‘Can luxury be sustainable?‘ and ‘Positively Luxury‘. It was interesting, therefore, to read this article on Triple Pundit titled “Trendwatch: Luxury Brands Improve Sustainability Packaging“.

The article’s author writes that:

“…it is [ ] packaging that sets apart drugstore brands from luxury brands… since luxury brands and mass-market brands have different target markets, their packaging should reflect this.”

When shopping in store, particularly for luxury goods such as perfumes, packaging is one of the first things that consumers see.

The Estee Lauder senior vice-president of global package development, Henry Renella, said (speaking at a Luxe Pack event in Monaco) that luxury brands can be sustainable while being subtle about their eco-credentials. Packaging still needs to reflect the brand’s aesthetics if the brand is to remain successful, but can be sustainable, particularly if made out of paperboard (which is often FSC certified) or glass.

The rise of the luxury market in Asia has been well documented, so it is perhaps not surprising that the Asia-Pacific region is now the leader in luxury packaging, and according to the article, Asia has a key role to play in hastening sustainable luxury packaging.

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