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Louis Vuitton + Chinese Museum = Marketing Success?

Isaac Mostovicz writes that Louis Vuitton may benefit from the associations of setting its show in a building of historical significance...

AFP, Gou Yige

Louis Vuitton has taken over the halls of the national museum in Beijing to win over Chinese consumers. By nestling itself inside a building associated with history, pride and sophistication, the Louis Vuitton Voyages exhibition is benefitting from letting the museum do its marketing for it.

Louis Vuitton has been in China for twenty years, and is already the brand of choice for many wealthy middle class Chinese. Putting on this show will cement that relationship – probably quite necessary given the influx of other luxury brands eager for their own space in China.

Setting the show in a museum illustrates how Louis Vuitton understands their Chinese customers.

“It is quite a clever thing to do because it is a very premium and prestigious setting”, said Sam Mulligan, a marketing analyst in Shanghai, “It suggests history and longevity and being in the business for a long time – all of these things are important in this market.”

Long-term heritage is an important factor for Louis Vuitton consumers and for Chinese luxury consumers, and a museum could be a perfect platform for spreading that message.

However, in communist China, the mix of luxury retail and national heritage has received some criticism, with the People’s Daily newspaper saying it was “too commercial”.

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