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Dazzling Night of Luxury Chocolate and Bling

Isaac Mostovicz writes that an interesting gimmick might be counterproductive due to conflicting messages....

Diamonds and chocolate both carry connotations of indulgence and luxury, although each in very different ways, and they are not usually consumed simultaneously. Mervis Diamond Importersberry-ritani is looking to change this by inviting their customers to an out of the ordinarily shopping experience on the 22nd of July. They offer an evening where customers can drizzle fresh fruit in a diamond topped chocolate fountain and sip chocolate martinis while pursuing a selection of diamonds at reduced prices.

This is an interesting gimmick, which should offer distinctiveness and help generate interest in a slow market. However, positioning an event as an upscale luxury experience, while simultaneously marketing it as a chance to bargain hunt at reduced prices might be counteractive due to the inconsistent messages it sends out.

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