Madison Square Garden supersuite

Unique “Supersuite” for Madison Square Garden

Isaac Mostovicz writes that a famous New York venue is upscaling...


World famous sports and entertainment arena Madison Square Garden in New York City, is developing a “supersuite” for the highly affluent segment of its clientele. The 5,000-square-foot suite will fit up to 300 people and is said to feature granite-topped kitchen islands, formal dining tables, full bars and a fireplace.

The cost of enjoying the supersuite remains to be confirmed as pricing decisions have not yet been made, but the Vice Chairman of MSG, Hank Ratner, has said the company is trying to learn from other sports venues who are cutting their prices in an uncertain economy. The Yankees, for example, have cut the price of over 100 front-row seats from $2,500 to $1,250 after seeing empty rows of the top-priced spots game after game.

But prices are still likely to be only in range for a select few. MSG is determined to pursue the development despite difficult financial times, and hopefully there are still enough people able to afford spending their money on this type of experience. As MSG itself is already a very strong brand on a global scale, it definitely has good prerequisites.

The supersuite is also likely to appeal to most people, whether they have Theta or Lambda worldviews on luxury. The self-focused Lambda would be attracted to the opportunity to show off his wealth in this one-of-a-kind environment. The Lambda would also be drawn to the freedom of movement and sense of independence that the suite would offer, as compared to even the most attractive seats. The socially-focused Theta would instead find it appealing as a means of gathering all of his friends and associates together in one place.

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