The importance of design when attracting luxury consumers

Isaac Mostovicz writes that store design is crucial in attracting a luxury consumer base...

I have written previously about how important it is for luxury brands to be innovative and creative, both with their products and the way they market themselves.

Since buying luxury items is often as much about the experience as about the values of the brand, store design is crucial in attracting, and retaining, a luxury client base.

The Louis Vuitton maison that is due to open in Singapore this month will be on a custom built island, and is a prime example of the need to innovate when attracting customers.

Louis Vuitton Singapore Maison

As this recent article on Luxury Daily points out, more and more people have taken to the web for shopping, so luxury brands must up their game and focus on design to captivate consumers.

The article’s author quotes Suzan Wines, a partner at I-Beam Designs, who says:

“People instinctively associate a rewarding, enlightening or pleasant shopping experience with a brand and are compelled to return to participate in that enjoyable experience again and again.”

Customers with Theta personalities in particular are likely to enjoy shopping in a store that fits in with the values the brand associate themselves with. This is because they may be drawn to buy products that they see as helping them fit in within a desired group.

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