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Discount Deals for Luxury Travel

Isaac Mostovicz writes that the recession has led to the luxury travel market resorting to value deals...

During the recession, many families have rain-checked luxury vacations, opting for staycations (holidaying at home) and cheaper deals, and with the economic damage that so much of the travel industry has suffered, comes the advent of substantial discounts and deals.

Kerzner International, the premiere holiday resort operator, has said that its guests are “still very attracted to value propositions” and has had to make changes to meet these demands. The company has embarked on a campaign to partner with similar high-end brands, to increase the potential of offerings for their clients. Extra value ads that have been introduced include resort credit, complimentary transfers, golf credit and even a fourth night free promotion.

For the luxury travel market, attracting, and retaining, a guest is a harder ball game to play these days. Kerzner has noticed several other changes in the behaviour of its clientele. They say their clients are booking shorter stays than before and make their booking only a couple of months in advance. Long-haul destinations are harder to market, as clients prefer to stay closer to home, and those that once flew privately, are now opting for commercial flights.

Within the niche sector of luxury travel, the economic downturn has compelled people to demand for more, for less. Now, luxury does not become “above my budget”, but rather is negotiated around the budget.

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