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Japan’s new capsule hotel 9h

Isaac Mostovicz writes that Japanese company's taste for niche luxe products has not receded, even if demand for it has...


Tired of actual hotels with hallways and room service? If so, head over to Japan and try out this luxury pod/capsule hotel room. The hotel is called “9h”, short for nine hours. As in, nine hours of sleep.

9 h (nainawasu) is a new capsule hotel that offers luxury in a minimum living space.  The 9 h capsule hotel and all amenities were designed by fumie shibata of design studio s, which she founded in 1994. With her team, she defined the elements necessary for a  ‘minimal transit space’ in big cities in japan. The product designer has been pursuing the 9h project as a creative director for 3 years.

The location of this hotel is interesting, considering the wide reports that Japan’s taste for luxury has declined over the years. The target market is clearly someone who has exclusive taste. This plays into what I wrote about recently regarding marketer and consultant Cindy Gallop’s comments about luxe needing to return to its elitist roots.

It’s hard to say whether that will be the case. In Japan all the talk is of China now having more super rich people for the first time. When the economy turns around, a hotel like 9h could really take off. Right now it’s just too early to tell.

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