Hydrox cookies

Brand nostalgia as Hydrox cookies make their return

Isaac Mostovicz writes...

In difficult economic times, where can brand owners find equity? Several are turning to nostalgia–bringing back shelved brands and tweaking slogans and mascots to draw on heritage and appeal to old and new consumers. Hydrox cookies from Kellogg’s and Eagle Snacks are two examples–Kellogg’s discontinued Hydrox cookies (which are similar to and compete against Nabisco’s Oreo cookies) in 2003, but plans to bring the brand back after discovering brand equity in people discussing and remembering the cookies on the internet. Reserve Brands, the company behind Eagle Snacks, found that 6 out of 10 adults remembered the brand, meaning bringing it back would cost less than creating a new brand.

Playing to nostalgia is a great way to appeal to Theta personalities–Thetas use socially-derived understandings of product characteristics as a basis for their consumption, meaning they want to fit in and are driven a great deal by what their peers and social group like. If their social group has been reminiscing about these brands, or nostalgia is something that their peer group values, then these revived products will find a Theta audience and have a greater chance for success.

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