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Frozen Diamond Smoke Holds Sparkling Future

Isaac Mostovicz writes that that diamonds could change the way that numerous electronic functions are carried out ...

News comes from the science world of a frozen smoke from diamonds, a pioneering technology that has vast potential. The “frozen smoke” is the lightest form of diamond known, and is made up of 99.8 percent air. Nicknamed “frozen smoke” for its hazy appearance, this form of solid is known as an “aerogel”. Don’t let this description deceive you though – these airy materials can actually hold thousands of times their own weight.

According to researcher Peter Pauzauski, they had succeeded in making “the lowest density form of diamond.” The new material has a density about eight times less than cork, and 40 times more dense than air. Since diamond is very efficient at emitting electrons, the frozen smoke could prove very useful in various ways such as flat-panel video displays, quantum computers, and also human implants, given diamonds’ biocompatibility.

A diamond is a scientist’s best friend, it seems.

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