Water enters the world of connoisseurs

Isaac Mostovicz writes...

The connoisseurship of water is a topic that’s reared its head before on Janus Thinking, and today I mention it again after spotting this article on, about the state of the pricey water market.

Michael Mascha, a water connoisseur and author of Fine Waters, believes that bottled water is the next wine, and like wine, it has terroir, a sense of place. He says that waters have a different taste and “mouthfeel,” and though bottled water has become a commodity, it’s actually shifting back towards being “considered a natural product with its own origin.”

On the question of where the best water in the world comes from:

That would be akin to asking where the best wine is coming from. That’s the beauty of what I am talking about… We can have many different waters with many different flavors with many different aspects, and we should really enjoy the differences and the variety and not look for just the best water.

Mascha approaches water like a true connoisseur; I’m still not entirely sure that water is something worthy of connoisseurship (because you can’t tell its provenance solely by tasting it, and it’s freely available at taps everywhere), but I appreciate the attention to detail with which he examines it and the pleasure he obviously gets from it.

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