European debt crisis

Endorse me for heading the proposed ESM

Isaac Mostovicz writes...

Recently, the European Union proposed a new body, the European Stability Mechanism (ESM) . Watching the YouTube clip (click on the link) I came to the conclusion that since this body will have so much money that can be spent without any control and since those who will head this body would be legally immune even when embezzling the vault I should pursue a new career and become the chairman of this body.
Once elected, I promise to handsomely pay anyone who endorsed me and I will have enough money to do so. This is not bribery because bribery and graft are legal terms which cannot be used to describe what I did since I will be immune from any legal persecution.
However, as long as I am on the other side of the fence I would look at this initiative with the critical eye. Even if what this clip describes is only marginally correct it tells a frightening truth. Those who had this lunatic idea of creating the ESM lost all their hope and optimism. They lost their faith in people and in their ability to get over difficulties, as big as they are. They are fearful and despaired. Losing all hope for life, they have committed virtual suicide waiting now for their own death.
Thus, if endorsing me is unrealistic simply choose whether you want to be dead or alive.

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