Theta and Lambda: Sex and the City 2

Isaac Mostovicz writes that in Sex and the City, a black diamond fits Lambda characteristics...

Women have been flocking to see the latest Sex and the City film. While the reviews haven’t been that positive, this article by Cynthia Sliwa on the JCK Blog makes the jewelry look quite appealing. While I think that Sliwa’s statement that ‘there’s no more romantic gift than jewelry’ works for many people, it must be noted that people interpret things in different ways, and what one person thinks is the most romantic thing in the world another person might find off-putting.

The whole Sex and the City series is quite interesting to look at in terms of Theta and Lambda. As the women portrayed in the series are stylish urbanites who are the best of friends, many women want to emulate them and match their styles. In this way, Sex and the City fans fit into the Theta worldview, where they seek affiliation and unity, looking to contextualize themselves within a larger group of women with the tastes and styles of the four Sex and the City protagonists.

Yet a Lambda worldview prevails in this new film: Carrie, the main character, received a unique diamond-studded black diamond from her husband Big, who says that he gave her such a unique ring because there’s no one else like her. Lambda personalities seek originality and challenge, and love products that make them stand out and feel unique.

It’s nice that both worldviews are included in the film, but could the popularity of the series make these black diamond rings become popular so that having one no longer makes the possessor unique? With a series so popular, it’s certainly a possibility.

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