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CSR and Luxury in an age of Transparency

Isaac Mostovicz writes that that the luxury industry is becoming more tuned in to Corporate Social Responsibility...

I have recently written on the link between luxury brands and Corporate Social Responsibility, or CSR, so it was with interest that I read the Financial Times blog post “Luxury conquers its CSR fear” which reported that the luxury industry is slowly beginning to talk about sustainability and CSR more openly.

The article gives the example of luxury jewellery brand Tiffany & co. who have recently launched a new website dedicated to CSR. This is interesting because a few years ago the author of the Financial Times piece ‘graded ‘some public luxury companies in CSR categories, and Tiffany did particularly badly, in part due to a lack of public information.

Tiffany & Co: CSR section of the website

Tiffany & Co: CSR section of the website

It looks as though, the article argued, luxury brands have realised that in an age of transparency it is better to have information out there for consumers to see, rather than hiding information behind closed doors in the fear that consumers will pick holes in it.

It is not just Tiffany that is doing well – LVMH also has a section on CSR on their corporate website, with an environmental charter.

This article illustrates that the luxury industry is beginning to change, and  I believe that sustainability and luxury are no longer mutually exclusive terms. This not only makes good sense for the long-term prospects of the brands in question, but can also be a positive attribute in luxury marketing – particularly if the brand aligns its CSR initiatives to core brand values and identity, and resonate with consumers.

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