class distinction

The Poor Strive for Riches; The Rich Imitate the Poor

Isaac Mostovicz writes...

The former connection between connoisseurship and class distinction is to an extent, still existent. But the trend analyses indicate a sharp turn-around in the form of connoisseurship: the new symbol of high status in a market governed by luxury that is available to the masses is blatant non-consumption, by which the super-rich might be identified.

As David Brooks describes in his book Bobos in Paradise, the rich wear scruffy clothes and drive run-down cars. Celebrities sport clothing lines such as Von Dutch, the idea being that only the very rich or very pretty are able to pull-off trucker–style caps and tops, and still manage to look good.

So the new message seems to be that the rich have more money than they know how to spend: welcome to paradoxical luxury in the modern world.

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