Luxury – Big Screen Style

Isaac Mostovicz writes that that luxury brands are moving towards enhanced customer experiences to compete in the global luxury market...

With an increasingly competitive global luxury market, luxury brands are truly having to go the extra mile in order to impress and retain customers.

To this end, Louis Vuitton has announced that their new maison in Rome “will house a small cinema showcasing art films from contemporary artists“. This follows a trend that has seen cafes and restaurants in stores (Armani and Gucci), concert halls (Chanel), book stores (Marc Jacobs) and art galleries (Louis Vuitton). This announcement also follows Conde Nast’s announcement that they are starting a film and television devision to leverage their editorial products in a new medium.

As luxury blog Material World says on the matter:

“Luxury has moved beyond simply buying celebrities or dressing them, on or off screen, to thinking about how they can use their own celebrity to pull people in.”

As video content is set to make up 62 percent of internet traffic by 2015, this may well be another wise decision by LVMH.

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