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Apple’s iPhone launches

Isaac Mostovicz writes...


Today marks the UK launch of Apple’s iPhone on the O2 network. Already a pricey proposition (with a £269 ($564) pricetag and minimum contract for £35 ($73) a month), those who want something to differentiate themselves from the masses sure to pick up iPhones today need not look further than London luxury retailer Selfridge’s.

The department store is offering a whole range of upscale ‘blinged’ versions of phones, including the iPhone, with options for exteriors in steel, 18 carat gold, or 18 carat rose gold, with or without diamond encrusting. The phones are offered through a partnership with Amosu–currently the pricest on offer is a diamond-encrusted Nokia N95 for £12,000 ($25,180). Earlier this week there was a diamond-encrusted iPhone for £20,000 ($41,968), but it seems to have sold out.

Selfridge’s has also partnered with several designers to create holding cases by the designers Christian Louboutin, Chloe, and Burberry.

The rise of luxury phones (see also the Vertu mobile phone series) shows how they have become an integral way in which consumers represent themselves.  Less a form of technology, more a fashionable accessory…

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