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The Value of Centered Leadership

Isaac Mostovicz writes that the most effective leaders are those that make best use of their personal strengths and values...

The results of a recent McKinsey Global Survey show why the personal strengths and values we develop individually can produce the best leadership traits in the workplace. The research identified common traits of leaders around the world, to determine whether the personal characteristics of centered leadership were beneficial to being a good leader.

Centered leadership is a concept that is based on the existence of five key capabilities. These five dimensions are meaning – using your strengths in a way that inspires you, positive framing – seeing the upside of every situation, connecting – building relationships, engaging – taking risks, and energizing – keeping energy levels high.

The survey showed that when leaders embraced all five dimensions of centered leadership, they were most satisfied with their performance in the workplace and with life in general.

The importance of personal values in leadership is reiterated in another article by McKinsey, which states “the purpose of leadership is to change the world around you in the name of your values, so you can live those values more fully and use them to make life better for others.”

Self-awareness, whereby one can understand their own working style and their own strengths, and recognize whether they are Thetas or Lambdas, is important for becoming a good leader. Equally, people must be able to work with others, and whilst that means making your own values compelling to others, it also means connecting with people – one of the key five capabilities of centered leadership, revealing ‘real moments of truth’ to accomplish a successful relationship with employees.

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