Luxury motor brands embrace greener agenda

Isaac Mostovicz writes that that luxury can be sustainable...

Rolls-Royce has joined a growing set of luxury car manufacturers in admitting that its cars need to be greener – relying less on petrol, and more on alternative fuelling methods such as electricity – if their business is to be sustainable in the long term.

The luxury car brand has built a one-off electric car based on its flagship ‘Phantom’ model, which it is showcasing to consumers on a year-long tour.

Although many people may associate luxury with being inherently unsustainable, but this development shows that this dis not necessarily the case. It is not just car manufacturers taking this step – take the example of the couple in America who are aiming to built the most sustaibable luxury home in the world.

Rolls-Royce are not the only brand to develop high-end alternatives to petrol engines, with BMW, Jaguar, Audi and Porsche all developing rival cars. A few years from now, it seems as though hybrid high-end cars will be de rigueur as the different brands work to attract a slightly different type of luxury consumer.

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