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Hermès to examine provenance through exhibition in London

Isaac Mostovicz writes that Hermes is choosing to focus on the quality of its products for its latest campaign ...

Luxury Daily reports that Hermès, the French fashion retailer, is to demonstrate the craftsmanship and history behind its brand through a new exhibition in London opening later this year.

Hermès official image for Leather Forever exhibit

The Hermès Leather Forever exhibit will demonstrate the antiquity and provenance of the brand, founded 175 years ago this year, and is the latest step in terms of demonstrating to affluent customers that its price points are reflective of the quality of its product.


Hermès has initiated several campaigns of late around its provenance. It has created a microsite called Hearts and Crafts that examines the detailed craftsmanship and quality of its products through biographies and interviews with the craftsmen, from the leather-cutters to the silk-drawers.


The site also hosts a documentary, which tells the story of the many people who contribute towards the creation and manufacture of Hermès products.


Of late, even high net worth customers who may not be directly affected by the economic downturn question the quality behind some of the prices charged for luxury goods – so this campaign aims to reassure and establish Hermès as one of the ultimate quality brands.


Chris Ramey, president of Affluent Insights, Miami commented: “Authenticity is one of the platforms for luxury. Hermès will continue to emphasize their craftsmanship, history and quality because it’s part of their DNA.”


Within Janusian thinking, this campaign will appeal to those of a Lambda mindset – who see an item’s value not in terms of price, but in terms of the time invested.



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