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Rise in luxury markets creates gap for ‘billionaire’ vodka

Isaac Mostovicz writes that that the taste for extreme luxury has not dampened...

A couple of months ago I wrote a blog post on luxury bathrooms, and the increase in demand for luxury bathroom products from Chinese consumers.

It seems as though the taste for extreme luxury has not died down.  ‘Billionaire Vodka’ – a vodka which costs a cool $3.7m – is set to be released onto the market. To help justify the cost, the bottle is encrusted with diamonds – 3,000 to be precise. Leon Verres, the luxury brand that makes the vodka, even says the drink is filtered over diamonds. This is just one of the latest in a long line of products, such as this crystal studded airplane trolley, or these $18,000 flip flops, which are expensive for the sake of being expensive – and exclusive.

The growing range in products are out of reach for all but the super rich, indicating that even as the financial situation in Europe becomes less certain, the rich are determined to keep spending on new products designed for the few.

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