Hamilton launch new line of luxury watches

Isaac Mostovicz writes that Hamilton watches accomodate for a diverse range of luxury consumers...

At this year’s 2010 Baselworld trade show, some 2000 renowned brands came together to unveil their latest luxury products. Among these was a new line of watches by American watch maker Hamilton. Prominent in the US, Hamilton’s unique, signature style consists of a classic yet retro design. Matt Baily, an authorized dealer in luxury watches and jewellery talks about the different variety of looks and styles on his blog, from the classic RailRoad series to the futuristic Hamilton Lab models.

The design which garnered the most attention was the Pulsomatic. A reinvention of the classic digital watch Pulsar, it also has the history of being the first ever digital watch. In addition to this, it has a sapphire crystal, differs in size slightly (width of 49mm and height of 39mm) and allows the owner to view the automatic winding inside via a sapphire exhibition back. It is this unusual combination of mechanical and digital craftsmanship which makes this a truly unique piece. Lambda personalities will be attracted to this watch for its innovative and atypical design but will find themselves loving it because of its rich back story. It is also a back story of achievement and success, something which Lambda personalities will immediately feel an affinity with.

Another watch to look out for is the RailRoad series. Immediately, its name suggests an historical connotation of some kind; this is correct because it links back to another prestigious piece of Hamilton history, of the time when Hamilton watches was an important provider to the railroad industry. Subtle hints of such a history can be seen in the pocket-watch like aspect of the Chronograph model. This model might appeal to either a Theta and Lambda personality because it incorporates elements which will appeal to both sides. The historical back story will again appeal to Lambdas’ much desired sense of heritage and achievement, whilst money-conscious Thetas will love it because it is an inconspicuous but luxurious piece.  This ultimately gives them that essential, comforting piece of mind. I have discussed the importance of this in my previous blog.

Those with edgy and adventurous tastes might prefer the Hamilton Lab series. It features several unique and distinct concept models:

The Hamilton Time Player is a square titanium watch with an uncanny resemblance to sliding puzzles that many of us loved as kids.

A white version of the Ventura XXL was amongst the off-beat Hamilton watches of Baselworld 2010. The asymmetrical stainless steel case is adorned with a white rubber strap and dial and is very well suited as an oversize piece for women as well as for male fashionistas.

What’s more, these models are only available on the new Hamilton Lab website, thereby increasing the exclusivity of it.

Whether you are a Theta or a Lambda, Hamilton’s latest range of watches appears to have something to offer. Perhaps this is in effort to combat the economic recession. Whatever it is, it is a smart move because diversifying their collection can only mean one thing: more interested buyers.

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Is Rolex swiss, or is Switzerland a Rolex brand?

Isaac Mostovicz writes...

A little follow-up on Rolex from an article (subscription only) about the Baselworld watch fair in Monocle magazine:

Swiss watch brands are patriotic to a fault. Rolex is one of the few high-end manufacturers that does not stamp “Swiss Made” on the watch face in the belief that Rolex defines Switzerland rather than the other way around.

An iconic brand is one that defines its country. But is it easy for Rolex to define Switzerland because it’s, well, Switzerland? Can larger, more controversial nations have iconic brands in the same way?

[via Kottke]

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