Actuel Dogs

Actuel Luxury for Dogs

Isaac Mostovicz writes that luxury hotels are catering for canines...

Luxury hotels often cater for all manner of needs, offering fitness classes, massage, relaxation and entertainment, but in one Parisian hotel the client itself is rather unique.

Actuel Dogs is the first French luxury hotel for dogs where its canine clients can go swimming, have a massage, go “doggy jogging” or simply chill out in front of a DVD. For a fee of between 26 and 35 euros, owners can leave their pooches for the day to go and do their daily business in the city, while their furry friends enjoy the leafy suburbs of Vincennes.

For Parisians, the service is rather handy considering the typically small apartments and absence of large parks in the centre of Paris. The owner of Actuel Dogs is eager to insist that the hotel isn’t a pointless, extravagant luxury, saying, “It’s not like the United States or Japan – giving the dogs manicures, dying their fur pink – that’s human madness. Our priority is to meet the dog’s needs.”

And the benefit of having dogs as residents means that unlike human hotels, they can be picky over who they allow in, evaluating the dogs before permitting them to stay, to keep the environment a relaxed one with no aggressive behaviour.

This is luxury, but with a rather practical element.

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