What is your offer?

Isaac Mostovicz writes...

You are at a restaurant studying the menu. Several dishes catch your eyes. You can choose between a steak, a fish or chicken. You like them all but you decide to go for the fish. You didn’t have a problem to decide which dish to pick up. You acted intuitively. That’s how we purchase – intuitively. Marketers use to say that we purchase emotionally and post purchase, we justify our decision logically. If you want to discover the emotional motive behind purchase try to complete the following sentence: “my customer’s need is to…” I can guarantee you that two elements would be missing from the answer – the product and its feature. So, why do you try to promote your product? Remember the restaurant. You decided by your taste buds which were activated when reading the menu that told you which dish to order. Do you know how to activate the taste buds of your client?


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