Look inside yourself

Isaac Mostovicz writes...

Do you want to innovate?

Do you feel that your business needs a change?


You are wrong because you seek solutions outside. You are unhappy with what you have and search for the Holy Grail. You believe that the neighbor’s grass is greener.

I was recently asked to consult a company that struggled with its sales and profits. They expected me to come with a program that would create a paradigm shift and that will transform the entire company into something totally new.

All I did was putting together some ideas from various areas of my expertise and presenting them to the marketing managers. “What can you do with this?” I asked and the ideas started to flow backed by data that the company already had. Within an hour we had a basic plan on how to progress. The entire team was mobilized enthusiastically knowing that they can do it.

Never look for external solutions. Look inside you! You know best what the solution is.

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