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Any call for creativity or innovation intrigues me. So, when I got a call to join a brainstorming event with tens of thousands of participants I expected to get some stimulating ideas, some exciting questions to bite in.

I managed to find this post which claimed that the 100 questions on its list inspired 454,000 ideas. The call for action was to add more to this long list of ideas. Well, I stopped at the first question wandering what I am missing, what went wrong with me and why I couldn’t be triggered by any one of those questions?

Here is the first question on the list. How might we increase the productivity of Singapore?

Well, I cannot answer this one but at least I have a few questions:

1. Why is it so important to increase the productivity?

2. What might happen if we didn’t increase productivity?

3. What are the hindrances that blocked productivity?

4. How do you know that these hindrances are what block productivity?

5. Why were these hindrances created /imposed on in the first place?

6. Why weren’t they removed until today?

7. What are the untapped or underdeveloped capabilities of Singapore that might help us increasing productivity?

8. Why were they left untapped until today?

I can go on and on but one question nagged me, and it can be developed further: Why do you consider this type of question “innovative” or “out of the box”?

Moreover, checking the above list of questions you can apply them to most of the 100 questions presented.

This leaves me with one question?

What can be the one tough question that will really force us to think out of the box, to delve deep inside and to let our creative juices run? Maybe we won’t find a remedy for Singapore but a good question will broaden our horizons and allow us to think differently. Isn’t this what this group about?

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