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Gary Gilmore was executed on January 17, 1977, at 8:07 a.m. by firing squad at Utah State Prison in Draper, Utah. His last words were “Let’s do it!”

These words inspired Dan Wieden to coin Nike’s slogan “Just Do It.” It is considered one of the best taglines of the 20th century. Nike’s campaign based on this tagline propelled Nike’s American market share of sport-shoes from 18% to 43% within ten years.

Jerome Conlon, then Nike’s Director of Marketing Insights & Planning illustrates the challenge. America faced increasing obesity, a recession and reduced funding for school sports. Nike was popular among male athletes, but it was losing the female market share to Reebok’s aerobic shoe line. To win in the game of business, Nike needed to become popular with women, youth and baby boomers.

Nike’s aim wasn’t the one million professional athletes; it wanted to unleash the athlete within 150 million Americans. It appealed to the dreams of people, and their inner yearning for healthier life. All they needed was to put on a pair of runners and start jogging. All Nike wanted them was to purchase a pair of shoes and “Just Do It.”

Did this campaign help the US to combat obesity and procrastination? Not at all. Wearing Nike’s sneakers became a statement. Not an athletic statement, as one might think but a “me, too” statement. One million professional runners used the shoes to compete, and the rest were just clicking a mental like every time they saw a Nike ad. Eventually, these likes turned into purchases.

Every time people wore their Swoosh labeled shoes, they sent out a share, and their friends got a mental notification.

Eventually, these likes turned into purchases.

How can you financially benefit from the likes to your posts?

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