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It has taken me some time to correctly position the “Kahro Diamonds” brand – a new venture of mine in the Raleigh, North Carolina area of the United States.

It would have been easy to turn Kahro Diamonds into just another local diamond dealer, but it is so much more than that, and I wanted to capture this in how I talk about our work.

Ever since Randy and I began in our careers in the diamond business, we have kept asking ourselves what exactly it is that our diamond customers are actually seeking. As with most purchases, it typically begins with the desire to satisfy some need or to overcome a feeling of unease in their current lives and to move forward in their lives. It has less to do with the product or service itself, but rather the symbolic “attributes” which align with the psychological state of the customer who wishes to improve his or her position, for instance, a person who isn’t satisfied with their current age and wish to buy something which helps them appear older or younger, or a person who believes that they will be happier with a higher level of income or a different occupation. In short, it is for people who feel unhappy or unsettled with where they are at in their lives and who wish to move elsewhere psychologically.

In the marketing world, this is called the “tension differential”, and it leads to actions that would fulfill people’s need for a change. Once marketers identify this tension differential, they can offer products and services that can be used as a solution to try to overcome it.

Most jewelers do not bother to check the psychological reasons behind the will of the customer to purchase a diamond. Instead, they are happy to have a customer who asks for one and then they simply do their best to satisfy his request. However, do they know what the true need behind this request is? Does the customer know how diamonds can answer to such a need?

One of my academic publications addressed this issue and I commented on it several times in my blog. Unfortunately, nothing has changed. The situation within the diamond industry has been going from bad to worse for some years already, and it seems that the more reflective of these jewelers are not visible.

It’s this observation that sits at the heart of the “Kahro Diamonds” brand. The life mission of Kahro Diamonds is to help our customers to clarify their “tension differential”, whether it’s someone who is looking to propose to his girlfriend, or a married couple wishing to bring back the passion into their relationship. We aim to explore with our clients together what it is that is keeping them from their goals.  This work has to be done very carefully, and in many ways, the work of Kahro Diamonds is not much different than that of a marriage consultant or therapist. However, Kahro Diamonds asks an additional question: “How have you got to where you are now?” For example, nobody expects or plans his marriage to falter after some years. This is an unwanted result – perhaps due to the stresses of everyday life or the routine of work. And even if we can help get the couple back on track, how can we ensure that they won’t find themselves back in this unwanted situation in a few years’ time?

Here comes Kahro Diamonds with its one-of-a-kind knowledge of diamonds. In the same way that every relationship is unique, so is every diamond.  By helping couples to carefully choose the right diamond for them, the couple sets off on a process that helps them understand and capture that same uniqueness and beauty in their relationship.  This connection not only brings back the sparkle into their relationship but it will turn it into an eternal flame. After all, diamonds are forever.

Kahro Diamonds currently works locally in Raleigh, North Carolina. But we hope that this initiative can eventually serve to inspire the entire diamond industry to transform itself and reinvest in a diamond’s true value – namely, its ability to lead people to new discoveries.

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