What is your on-going discussion?

Isaac Mostovicz writes...

I had an interesting experience last week. We are currently working on a webinar that will help people to shake off their intimidation when dealing with diamonds, that would enhance their confidence and help them dealing with diamonds in a joyful manner. This is pretty interesting concept that we were testing in the last few months. When we finalize the technical details I will share it with you, hoping that you will join me on this webinar.


We didn’t have problems with the concept or with the content of what we offer. We tested it on dozens of people in different group setting and they were pleased with what they got. We knew the reason for the intimidation. In a nutshell, the customer’s concern is an equation with three unknowns. He has to find a product which he totally does not understand about and offer it to someone, suiting her taste, while relying on someone who never met the lady who is going to get the diamond ring. Moreover, even when and if the jeweller finds the right diamond, the customer would propose  the jeweller’s choice of a diamond, not his. It is always a pleasure to speak to people and to see how their eyes lit even when we only empathise with their problems. And you have to see how happy they are when they start to see how they can solve these issues.


However, publicizing the webinars was a challenge. Advertising is joining an on-going, already existing discussion and introducing something new. My basic assumption was that people who come to us did already some research and went through what the industry calls “diamond education”. After all, it is enough to check on Google “how to buy a diamond” only to get over 346 Million entries. Most of this education is about the 4C’s of the diamond (Colour, Clarity, Cut and Carat). I can share with you that knowing the 4C’s won’t take anyone too far. It is like providing a partial list of ingredients instead a full receipt of a dish. Therefore, people were still intimidated and frustrated because they did not know where next to head. They wanted to expose all the ingredients and to learn how these are put together to make the final dish.  My conclusion was that the on-going discussion should be the frustration and the intimidation of the diamond customer.


I was overruled. “You should offer a webinar that explains the 4C’s”, I was told. Of course, during the webinar I could and should go beyond and further explain how to proceed but the on-going discussion of the customer was what the 4C’s were and there where I should start. It sounded strange to me that people would commit to a specific time and pay $25 to listen to an expert when they can get similar information on the internet for free and when they want. However, as I finished the discussion I was asked in one of the forums exactly this: “what are the 4C’s of the diamond?”


Coincidence? I don’t know. Nevertheless, it is clear that in spite of the abundance of information people still go to basics and what the 4C’s are is the on-going discussion. The interesting question is why is it so? Why aren’t they happy with what is available on the Internet? Why isn’t their on-going discussion taking a different shape? I can assume but can you, the potential customer, tell me why did not you move your discussion further?



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