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Isaac Mostovicz writes that the MarcFam campaign by luxury brand Marc Jacobs is a good example of brands building an online relationship with their customers...

Luxury brand Marc Jacobs is connecting with consumers through a campaign which encourages sharing images and videos, for the chance to receive branded prize.

Marc Jacobs MarcFam

Marc Jacobs MarcFam

The MarcFam campaign sees both brand and user created content sitting side by side on the website, which is released into social media, email and web outlets. Consumers can add images with the hashtag #MarcFam to Twitter or Instagram posts for the chance of winning Marc Jacobs goods.

The campaign sees branded videos of Marc Jacobs employees exchanging and opening gifts, such as sunglasses.

Marc Jacobs sunglasses

Marc Jacobs employee receives sunglasses

Each product is then labelled with its price and name, so consumers can go and buy it.

Marc Jacobs sunglasses labeled

Marc Jacobs sunglasses

A Marc Jacobs spokesperson said:

“Marc Jacobs Intl. is a brand full of eccentricities. Through our social channels, our fans reach out to us in ways that reflect our own eccentricities. We wanted to hear their stories and see their photos that illustrate those stories. We love integrating social media into our business as a way of fostering relationships with our customers online. In this case, #MarcFam takes those online relationships offline and into the real world.”

I have written previously about the need for luxury marketers to develop relationships with their customers and encouraging consumers to behave according to their own personal values. This campaign is a good example of a luxury brand taking insights about its consumers and using them to develop a two-way dialogue with them, allowing them to “add to the world of Marc Jacobs on their own terms”.

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