Neiman Marcus: “omni-presence” for luxury consumers

Isaac Mostovicz writes that that Neiman Marcus have created a seamless experience for customers both in-store and online...

The CEO of Neiman Marcus Group, Karen Katz, has claimed that today’s luxury consumer requires a brand experience that is completely seamless across all channels. The luxury fashion retailer sees itself as an innovator in the sector, having been the first store to run a customer loyalty scheme, and is putting its weight behind an ‘omni-channel presence’, which incorporates in-store, online and mobile.

This strategy has been implemented by the retailer to ensure that the customer is at the heart of everything that it does. Traditionally the brand has been well known for its luxurious shopping experience but until recently online sales did not reflect this.

The Neiman Marcus website now reflects the aspirations of the brand and replicates the in-store experience

Research conducted by Neiman Marcus found that 70% of their customers were checking products online before they went in store and this prompted a change of direction for the online elements of the retail experience. The focus shifted because the brand realized that luxury consumers require an experience online that can mirror the experience of going to one of the well-respected, luxury stores. They took the decision to go one step further than multichannel retailing and decided to create a seamless experience for customers in-store and online.

Once the company had ensured that its online presence was aligned with the in-store experience it moved into the mobile sector. Three apps have been developed for the retailers in the Neiman Marcus group, they are the Bergdorf Goodman shoe of the day, Neiman Marcus editions and Neiman Marcus gifts apps.

Speaking at the NYU Stern School of Business Luxury & Retail conference 2011, Katz said:

“Omni-presence is delivering a much more seamless experience across the board in one clear message. It will deliver the message to her any time and anywhere she chooses to experience Neiman Marcus… To be a good marketer, we still have to do events, do direct mail and have a loyalty program. But now we also have to be on Facebook, Tweet, have blogs and have online events.”

I have written previously about the importance for luxury brands to bring digital technologies into their marketing campaigns, and Neiman Marcus is a strong example of this in action.

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