Digital Media for Luxury Brands

Isaac Mostovicz writes that that digital media is an opportunity not to be missed for luxury marketers...

Recent articles with names such as ‘Harrods ups digital ante with content-to-commerce link’ and ‘Burberry continues digital domination to deepen connection with Gen Y’ are just some of those highlighting the recent trend – and increasing importance – of luxury brands embracing social and digital media as a key part of their marketing strategy.

I have written about this previously, arguing that if luxury brands are to appeal to a global consumer market, brands are going to have to bring newer technology into stores, on mobiles and to people’s homes.

This article on Business 2 Community titled “Social Media Impacts the Luxury Customer, Too” argues that the luxury consumer, as well as engaging online because of brand affinity, is also impacted directly by what transpires in the social media space.

“According to a recent survey from Unity Marketing, of those individuals classified with a high-net worth, as defined by having more than $1 million in investible assets, indicated that comments, tweets, Facebook posts and so on directly influenced what websites they visited (59%), what retail stores they patronized (56%) and also what designer brand they purchased (57%).”

Unity Marketing Luxury Tracking Study

The article concludes that luxury marketers need to be pro-active in the social media space, as the luxury consumers are out there.

For Theta personalities, who seek affiliation and to contextualise themselves within a desired group, social networks both on and off line are likely to highly influence their consumption decisions. Digital media, with its emphasis on sharing, recommending and ‘liking’, is thus not an opportunity to be missed.

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