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Isaac Mostovicz writes that we are seeing a trend towards 'sustainable luxury'...

A new website, Positive Luxury, has recently launched. It is:

“…a daily lifestyle magazine combining glossy editorial with luxury shopping and the social environmental responsibility of brands at a click…”

The new e-magazine hopes to highlight luxury brands that are already using environmentally-sound practices, as well as encouraging others to do so. The CEO of the company, Diane Verde Nieto, said in this interview:

“People want to feel proud of the brands they buy, and they want to be sure about the credentials of those brands without paying more or sacrificing on style.”

I have written about the issue of sustainable luxury previously, such as in this post, where I argue that there is a strong case for luxury goods being more ‘sustainable’ in certain cases, whether because they use better sourced materials, they up-cycle (turning unwanted materials into new materials or products of better quality) or because they may use skilled staff who are paid more.

Running a luxury brand in a ‘sustainable’ manner also makes sense from a marketing point of view – critical articles such as this one from the Guardian can cause repuatational damage to brands that could disadvantage them as they compete for global customers.

I believe that we will be seeing more talk of ‘sustainable’ or ‘ethical’ luxury as time goes on, and I think Positive Luxury is just a tip of this trend.

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