New trends in luxury travel

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China, India and Russia will account for a progressively larger percentage of worldwide luxury travellers, according to this recent article in Travel Weekly.

As younger luxury travellers tend to favour authenticity and adventure over opulence as they reject rigid sets of planned activities – something I have written about in the past as appealing to Lambda personalities – nature-oriented destinations such as New Zealand, and culturally vibrant places such as Peru will gain popularity, alongside “traditional” accommodation such as Yurts and eco-lodges.

Destinations in Europe are proving popular too, with over 40 per cent of all luxury travellers saying that their next destination would likely be in Europe, with France and Italy high on the list – destinations which would likely appeal to more traditional Theta personalities.

A report by the International Luxury Travel Market claimed that around two-thirds of luxury travellers make at least four trips a year, lasting on average ten days. Around one per cent of the world’s hotel rooms qualify as ‘luxury’, where room rates are approximately four times that of a chain like Hilton, so it is perhaps not surprising that over half of luxury travellers are between 45 and 54 years old, and earning at least $100,000 a year.

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