Luxury websites are falling short of the Chinese market

Isaac Mostovicz writes that that luxury brands are going to have to keep up with technology if they are to remain at the top of China's luxury markets...

A recent report by a research company has found that many of the American and European luxury brands that are making huge profits in China are failing to deliver an online experience that appeals to an increasingly technologically savvy Chinese market.

Sales of luxury goods in China are growing fast, with the sector set to be worth £9.3 billion by the end of 2014. China is expected to overtake Japan as the global largest consumer of luxury goods in 2015, and in 2020 the Chinese luxury consumer base is predicted to double to 160 million people.

The Chinese are also going online in unprecedented numbers, and by 2015 there is set to be over 750 million internet users in China, with a significant number of these accessing the internet on mobile devices. Increasing access to the internet and rapid developments in technology are seeing Chinese consumers finding new means of purchasing online.

In order to make the browsing and buying experience as engaging and appealing as possible to consumers, brands are going to have to bring newer technology into stores, on mobiles and to people’s homes. Luxury brands are going to have to be innovative, creative and at the cutting edge of technology, or they risk being left behind.

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