Can luxury be sustainable?

Isaac Mostovicz writes that luxury can be sustainable...

I believe that luxury can be sustainable, so it was interesting to read this recent post on the Guardian Sustainable Business blog. It argues that luxury goes hand in hand with sustainability, reading ‘luxury’ as “placing an importance on durability, buying less and better”

The article, written by Diana Verde Nieto, goes on to argue that:

“positive luxury isn’t as far away as we may think… those who want products of the highest quality do not have to compromise on ethics – luxury and sustainability can go hand in hand.”

One does not have to look far to see luxury up-cycled goods – where products that would be thrown away or materials that would be discarded are turned into another item – such as these bags from British designer Vivienne Westwood.

There is a definite case for certain luxury clothes, handmade in small batches by skilled workers in developed countries rather than made in sweatshops by children, for example, being the more ethical choice.

Luxury and sustainability can indeed go hand in hand, whether by embracing green agendas or by up-cycling goods that would otherwise be turned into landfill, and I am sure we will see more sustainable luxury goods to meet an increasing consumer demand.

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