Appealing to China’s High-end Buyers

Isaac Mostovicz writes that that luxury brands now have to go above and beyond to target China's luxury consumers...

Innovative new ideas are the key to winning the heart of China’s luxury buyers, according to this article in The Australian.

Luxury internet-retailer Yoox has teamed up with Fed-Ex to launch a service that will see delivery men wait on the doorsteps of luxury consumers whilst they try on their purchases and decide if the product is worth keeping, or if they want to send it back.

To stand out in this competitive market, luxury brands now have to go above and beyond in terms of marketing and products. Examples of this include giving customers private driving lessons with F1 drivers, hosting star-studded fashion events and instant-messaging fashion advisors to help with questions of size and fabric.

These examples are all part of a larger trend of offering special perks and exclusive services to China’s consumers, as they become sophisticated world leaders in luxury consumption.

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China is eager to proove to the world that it is the top luxury goods consumer and it certainly is the country to watch out for in the coming years, as its economy booms.

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