Palace of Versailles to open luxury hotel‎

Isaac Mostovicz writes that the world renowned Palace of Versailles is set to open a 23-room luxury hotel...

It appears the historic monument that is the Versailles Palace in France is to lease an adjacent building to a luxury hotel group. A symbol of French heritage and domination, there has been much debate around the prospect of a private entity owning such a treasured piece of French history.

Is leasing to private owners however the best way to preserve and restore such historic national gems? The deficit plagued French government has long been seeking ways to benefit from state owned buildings, and the Versailles managers admit there is not enough available cash to restore the outbuilding themselves.

Mikael Hautchamp, an assistant director of the palace commented: “This deal is saving a building.”

The 23-room hotel, with views of the palace’s Orangerie garden has an unrivalled proximity to the main palace, sure to attract Lambda personality types looking for a one-of-a-kind location.

For Thetas, however, attracted to the rich history and heritage of the palace, it will be welcome news that Chateau Fontainebleau, another famous landmark of Paris, may also open a hotel in its building.

In total, France plans to consider leases and commercial use of 20 sites in the national architectural heritage list.

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