Being Satisfied With What You Have

Isaac Mostovicz writes that you can't up the ante without appreciating what you have...

I read a very interesting opinion piece by Karen von Hahn in the Toronto Star recently, about how people’s tastes for luxury can grow. For example, after someone has slept on soft 100% cotton sheets, he or she can’t go back to percale, and will soon be wondering whether he or she can have even better sheets of Egyptian or Sea Island cotton. The same can be said for coffee; people used to expect bad drip coffee in an office — now offering visitors a cappucino or espresso has become standard.

Says von Hahn:

In the sport of appreciation, it seems, we are always in training. But then, whichever direction our stylistic hamster wheel happens to be turning, it seems we just can’t help cranking it up a notch.

While I do think ‘upping the ante’ (as von Hahn calls it) and always looking for better experiences is important for connoisseurship and appreciation, I also believe that one can go too far in this direction, and begin to stop appreciating what he or she has. The pursuit of something better then takes the joy away from the experience.

Luxury always depends on the way you interpret it, and if you can’t be satisfied with and appreciate the luxuries you have now, ‘greater’ luxuries aren’t going to make you feel more fulfilled or self-actualized.

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