Tiffany launches iPhone App

Isaac Mostovicz writes that finding an engagement ring can now be done anywhere...

Last year I wrote about Chanel and Net-a-Porter apps making it to the iPhone. Since then, more luxury companies are expanding their marketing efforts and finally embracing the online sphere. Today Tiffany launched a new iPhone app that allows people (I’d imagine primarily men) to easily browse Tiffany’s range of engagement rings.

While one can’t purchase rings directly from within the app, it does offer a decent amount of utility. Users can scroll through all of Tiffany’s different cuts, fixtures and collections for engagement rings — 44 combinations in all. You can also figure out what size you need by placing an existing ring on screen and matching it to a digital sizer. And if you need more help, you can call or set up a meeting with a representative from Tiffany from within the app.

The app doesn’t do anything more than what Tiffany already offers on its website, but by offering an app, I believe Tiffany will expose its rings to a larger number of (predominantly younger) luxury consumers who have iPhones. These consumers are discerning and like their luxury on demand–they should appreciate the ability to browse rings wherever they are. People can even design rings and then share them via email and Facebook. These sharing functionalities will appeal to Theta personalities who will want their ‘marrying friends’ to know that they fit in and are getting rings. That it’s still possible to design a very unique ring within the app will help it appeal to Lambda personalities.

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