Luxury yacht business heats up as global economy recovers

Isaac Mostovicz writes that growth in the yacht industry suggests Lambda personalities are re-discovering their love for big-spending...


Thanks to the recovering global economy, the world’s wealthiest individuals have regained their mega-spending confidence. Evidence of this can be found in the sudden up-tick in the number of mega-yachts being sold.

According to this Bloomberg article, boats over 100 feet are selling “very strongly”. Simon Clare, head of marketing for Princess Yacht, spoke to Bloomberg about the phenomena:

“Boats over 100 feet are selling very strongly as the very wealthy feel the crisis less and tend to buy bigger and more modern boats”.

The recovery in sales is very welcome, considering the beating the yacht industry took the previous year. International Boat Industry magazine found that European yacht sales plunged about 50 percent in 2009.

But who is buying these yachts? Juergen Tracht, head of Germany’s aquatic sports industry association offers some insight:

“Typical buyers for these boat categories like medium-sized entrepreneurs usually pay them with savings, and they still haven’t reached the level prior to the meltdown during the crisis”.

At first look, it doesn’t appear these are the Lambda personalities who were freely buying mega-yachts before the recession. But look at it another way: Many are still trying to recover their financial footing.

The people who are buying now are the people who feel compelled to set themselves apart from their friends, even if the size and price of the items is less than in earlier years. That is the mark of a true Lambda.

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