London’s luxe property rebound helped by travelling Lambdas

Isaac Mostovicz writes that foreign Lambda personalities are helping fuel a luxury revival in London...

Earlier this month I reported that London’s luxury commercial property market was heating up. The trend continues to this day. But now it is being helped by a spike in London’s luxury home prices, which is seeing the highest price increase since March 2008.

BusinessWeek has more:

The value of houses and apartments costing more than 1 million pounds ($1.5 million) rose 3.2 percent from January, the London-based property broker said in an e-mailed statement today. The annual increase was the largest since the market peaked in March 2008 and compares with an 11.5 percent advance in January.

Overall this is good news for the luxe market both in the UK and abroad. But read a bit further in the article and you’ll see the emergence of a trend that I referenced in a previous blog post about Chinese Lambda personalities buying Western art and vintage wines, something that is somewhat uncommon in Mainland China:

The pound’s 22 percent decline against the euro in the past three years attracted purchasers from Russia, Italy and Greece, in particular, Bailey said. Foreigners bought 45 percent of properties sold for more than 2 million pounds in the past year, according to the broker.

Theta personalities typically own numerous properties across their homeland, and perhaps one or two smaller properties in other countries. Those properties are likely to cost <$1 million. So when we see that 45 percent of properties sold for >£2 million ($3 million), this tells us that these foreign buyers are likely Lambda personalities. Owning a luxury property in London is seen as an accomplishment, both personally and professionally.

Consumer confidence in the UK is on the rise, which helps to explain why this is happening now. Things aren’t great, but they’re better than than they were. Lambdas are seeing an opportunity to re-assert their dominance and be among the first to polish their images with spashy purchases.

Watch for similar trends in more traditional luxe markets such as Paris and Berlin. London could just be the start of a the new European luxe revival.

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