Is luxury jewelry recession-proof?

Isaac Mostovicz writes that the luxury diamond industry's ability to market for greater exclusivity may make it 'recession-proof'...

If the the 39-carat diamond auctioned by Christie’s recently, which went for $5.4 million, is any indication, then the luxury jewelry industry may be bouncing back quicker than other industries.

However the New York Times is suggesting something greater: that the entire luxury jewelry industry may, in fact, be recession–proof. Mark Dunhill, chief executive officer of Fabergé, is quoted:

“During times of economic uncertainly real luxury comes back,” Mr. Dunhill said. At the same time, however, “there is a tendency to approach special purchases in a more discerning and discreet manner.”

Jean-Christophe Bédos, Boucheron’s chief executive calls the new approach ‘Beyond Luxury’: “[A] unique expression of excellence in design and craftsmanship.”

What Mr. Dunhill calls “real luxury” are the kinds of things that Lambda personalities prefer — the truly exclusive products and experiences that bestow status.

This is consistent with what some in the luxe industry are calling a return to the roots of luxe. I wrote previously that it’s possible the only way back for the luxe industry is to go exclusive. Not all agree, however it will become a strategy for some brands going forward.

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