Burberry enjoys renaissance in the midst of the recession

Isaac Mostovicz writes that focus on heritage might be secret to success ...


Whilst many other luxury fashion brands are struggling in today’s economic downturn, British brand Burberry is enjoying a renaissance, seeing its best sales in over a decade and with shares up over 3 per cent.

This was evident last night when the brand hosted its first catwalk show during London’s Fashion Week in a decade, which was attended by a strictly A-list fashion crowd including Victoria Beckham, Gwyneth Paltrow and Anna Wintour, giving it the industry stamp of approval.

Many luxury goods brands are now likely pulling their hair trying to figure out the secret to Burberry’s success. My guess includes a mix of smart positioning and strong heritage. As many customers now are looking to invest in fewer classic pieces that last, rather than outrageous designs that will see you through a season, Burberry has wisely focused on reminding customers of its heritage. It is also keeping its famous trench coat at the heart of its collection, altering it just slightly to keep up with fashion’s prevailing mood.

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